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SSC: The Center of Excellency in Software Engineering and Software Systems

The software systems center is operated by Makerere University and center of Excellency in software engineering and software systems. We deal with software challenges that are peculiar to emerging economics with various resource constraints.

Recent Publications


Safety-Critical Systems and Agile Development: A Mapping StudyAugust 20, 2018 . Euromicro Conf. on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications 2018, Prague, Czech RepublicBy Rashidah Kasauli, Eric Knauss, Benjamin Kanagwa, Joseph Kikombo Balikuddembe, Agneta Nilsson, Gul Calikli

In the last decades, agile methods had a huge impact on how software is developed. In many cases, this has led to significant benefits, such as quality and speed of software deliveries to customers. However, safety-critical systems have widely been dismissed from benefiting from agile methods  DOWNLOAD

Evaluation of Accessibility Standards on Ugandan e-Government WebsitesMay 10, 2018 . Technical ReportBy Joyce Nakatumba, Benjamin Kanagwa, Florence Kivunike, Micheal Tuape

This report shows the level of accessibility of Government Websites in Uganda. It can serve as basis to improve quality of e-services by government departments, ministries and agencies. DOWNLOAD

Requirements Engineering Challenges in Large-Scale Agile System Development.Jan 10, 2018 . Technical Report By Rashidah Kasauli, Grischa Liebel, Eric Knauss, Swathi Gopakumar and Benjamin Kanagwa

This report shows  how to overcome some of the challenges when organisations try to transit from Traditional Software Development to Agile Software Development Approaches. DOWNLOAD


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