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Call for Articles


Information Technology Trends & Practice

We are now seeking article submissions to Technopolitan magazine for issue #1 “Digital Security  & Privacy.” The issue will be out in July 2018. Please send us your article idea as soon as you can, before writing/submitting a full article. Your final article must reach us by June 20th , 2018.

Theme articles: Digital Security & Privacy

  •  How aware are you or your group of security challenges
  • In what ways have you been inspired by past security Challenges?
  • What inventions and innovations have come from past intentional communities?
  • What insights about software can be gleaned through the efforts of communal studies researchers, practitioners, and students?
  • A lot of agencies have experienced major disasters. What are some of the best (and funniest) disaster stories you’ve encountered? The most solemn/depressing?
  • Do you feel your group is doing something new, or is it possibly reinventing the wheel?

Please remember that we are looking for analytical stories, personal experiences, and concrete examples in your responses—these are what will make ideas and observations most “real” and relevant to readers.

Suggested submission length is from 300 to 2500 words. We invite submissions ranging from short vignettes to extensively developed articles, and also invite suggestions of recommended resources and article leads. We’re seeking articles written in a reader-friendly, popular-magazine style, rather than in an academic style. We ask contributors to share stories and experiences, not just ideas; write about challenges, not just successes; and describe specific situations that will help your story come alive for the reader.

For more information, please contact:
Submissions can be sent for review to:

Technopolitan is distributed freely through the software systems centre website.

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