Agile Software Development

Agile software development aims at setting up an environment to develop software based on the following values from the agile manifesto:

Individuals and interactions is valued more than processes and tools
Working software is valued more than comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration is valued more than contract negotiation
Responding to change is valued more than following a plan

At the core of these values it the realization that changes are inevitable and the conclusion that change management needs to be integrated into the development process. Agile approaches promote iterative and incremental development by using a very tight design-code-test cycle.

In this interactive course, we will explore together how to apply these agile values and their accompanying principles to develop software and manage projects. In particular, we will discuss the following topics:
– No Big Upfront Thinking vs. Architecture and Requirements
– Implications of Continuous Software Engineering

– Introductory lecture to set the scene
– Interactive session: Role and value of face to face communication
– State of research in agile
– Wrap-up and discussion

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Continuous Integration and Deployment:
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